Assange Outrages Decency

Produced by Declan Murray

Words: Roddy McDevitt

Music: Declan Murray

Graphic: Mike Lesser



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7 Responses to Assange Outrages Decency

  1. roddymcdevitt says:

    how do you like this to Facebook/ i dont see an option?

  2. Roddy McDevitt says:

    where’s the fuckin feedback?

  3. Claire says:

    The music is great but why such a personal attack on Assange? Doesnt sit easy with me, I’d rather hear some intellectual debate or argument on his role as a whistleblower, or evidence about his allegedly bad character than this sort of name calling. I think it would be more productive.

    • Roddy says:

      Hi Claire, it’s a satire! the voice of the narrative is that of a desperate CIA agent who is desperately trying to muddy Assange’s image in revenge for his exposure of Washington’s subterfuge! have another listen! x

  4. Claire says:

    Yes, re-listened and its a great satire tune. Good to bump it up too, more relevant than ever. Cheers Roddy.

  5. Camden McDonald says:

    I think it’s quite good!

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