1.Waiting of a land

That day,
The step of gray-head banyan tree was
Horegallu of our native place.
People interact with each other
Know the comforts
Love will be shared
Laughter and fun
Noises will be settled
Tears will flow.
Once a year,
Ground yard of banyan tree
Witness the festival grounds.
Old laugh and jokes
Become black and sticky
Under the banyan tree
The vehicles coming through the street
Covered the front of there carriage.
Tough to the funny talk
In  Motu’s Tea Shop
Become a resting place for cattle.
still blows,
That four o’clock wind in the evening
They looked at someone
In the thin stream of light breeze 
He touched the banyan tree and 
say goodbye to the banyan tree.
Parrots Put  the cage in the past
Were parry walked and rotate the patrol.
With round eyes the locked land
Exchanged the emojis
On the behind of two screens.
Crossing boundaries and
Shared the soul lovers
Now in the darkness of loneliness.
Everything is fixed, the whole destroyed was a time of anger.
But at a distance
Looking around for expectations
Without night and day
The whole peoples …
looking away and sitting 
in the distance blaming the verdict
For the birth of a phoenix bird.



Abdul Razak.RB





About me:

My name is Abdul Razak.RB .  Iam from chetlath island in Lakshadweep. Iam a undergraduate student in English literature. at University of Calicut, and I am a freelance writer also, I already published many articles and poems in different current relevant magazines.also a active member in Kerela literature group and poetry group.



















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