57 from Songs of the Revolution



unwillingness to solve the
malnutrition frustration bore
shows that the leaders are
and growing antagonism
observers note
put the emphasis on military models and
   the strategy of banishing blacks
the demonstrators
altering his route
the dominican republic grovel and the bolivian crimes
   against our incredible ninety percent virginity brains
self determination
on official visit
official conference
crimes against national security
general brag magnate police
general cut plus investment
general britt mayor mentality
also send money to underdeveloped countries and
   twist their nuts and heads
and make everybody do things
   in the lower consciousness cellars
now its too much
so we start with lack of cooperation
and more and more and more like positrons
may let us lay it on like the radiant lust for
   balling and wheeling and the lust for
   just joy
boycott all other stuff
ah the pleasure of removing our support
   from the legs of the age of humiliation
we cooperate only with our own holy wishes
we are gorgeous god people
this is the song of the fall of the state
this is the song of the fall of the rupee
this is the song of the rising flesh
this is the song of fresh vibrations
this is the song of songs




Julian Beck

Illustration: Rupert Loydell



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