A Brief Compendium of Crazy Campers

By land or by sea, as big as a suburban house or as small as a tiki hut, nothing beats the charm of a kitschy caravan. We’ve whittled down a fresh compendium of our favourites, and if there’s one trend we’ve noticed amongst the winning lot, it’s that they bring the vacation to you.

A pool slide stuck to your car’s rear end? Check. A a sleeper to slide onto your ’73 Corvette? Done. Personally, we’re torn between the mountain hermit-y “Trailer for Two,” and one of the models that can comfortably house our entire extended family (looking at you, Kamp King Koaches). Have a gander yourself — but we call dibs on the “fold-out living room” model.

Of course, not all “rustic” models have to be bite-sized:

And a special shout-out to this model from the 1920s:

Including this “Douglas Fir Log” Housetruck:

But the 1950s really kicked the caravan lifestyle into gear…

By Mary Frances Knapp, our Californian in Paris & beatnik at heart.

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