A Childhood Radio



Some thunder breaks an unknown nightmare at dawn.

I sense

The clouds mingle with the fading darkness.

Some colourless images drip continuously from the little rift of the window.

I hear a voice of a radio

That persists in my skull.

Some second persona grows within me

Trying to find an ancient channel that I lost in my childhood.

When the radio changes its tune with the slightest touch in its radar,

Memories blend with its vague words 

And create the image of a forgotten story-telling old man

Whose stories were the shelter of my fancies.

The signs of the wave’s scale reminds of bipolar existence

Then suddenly I feel like descending through the winding stair to the darkness of sleep.




Jyotirmoy Sil
Illustration Nick Victor


Jyotirmoy Sil is a dilettante poet. Presently he is an Assistant Professor of English in Malda College, West Bengal. A few of his poems have been published in Muse India journal, Madras Courier and Spillwords.

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    1. Undoubtedly excellent

      Comment by Abhisek Mandal on 3 May, 2020 at 7:59 am

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