A Future Blue

a fact unnoticed,
and falsely denied,
humanity is actually born to die,
until Covid-19,
the one percent seemed ignorant of this fact,
Americans, Europeans, and the other world elites,
now quiver,
crazy with fear,
as the days tick on by,

for the masses,
death has always been a daily occurrence,
a daily fact,
death will find you,
inside your house,
and behind your mask,
to live in the present,
the fate of the poor,
no thought of retirement,
or I.R.A.s,
night time instead a celebration of surviving the day,
the future unknown,
and still insecure,

the unknown has now spread to the terrified one percent,
left in a mindless panic,
for they could die,
the day,
not certain,
but before their time,

the world pauses,
the rich hiding inside,
wasting day after day,
waiting for Covid and death,
to just go away,
but the fact unchanging,
humanity actually born to die.



Doug Polk

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