A Manifesto For Profiting Off The Misery Of Others:



  • There are more than two sides to every story, but yours is the only one they are paying for.
  • The most suspicious people are usually hiding something of their own, it isn’t your job to find out what that is.
  • Sooner or later everybody becomes a ghost. Try to tune them out or you will lose a lot of sleep.
  • You’re going to lose a lot of sleep.
  • Whiskey is a fantastic chaser for misery. So is Miles Davis.
  • The world isn’t all bad, but it helps if you believe it is.
  • Never wear nice shoes.
  • Don’t have any mirrors in your house, this makes it easier to avoid staring at the pathetic mess you’ve become.
  • It’s never going to get easier, but you can help by forgetting who you are.
  • Don’t try to explore your own mysteries, the answers will just make your work harder.
  • If you give a part of you to every person who begs you for help, you’ll have no soul left when you really need it.
  • You can never forget the most horrific things.
  • You can only try to blur the memories.
  • Find a vice, make it your life.
  • You will never trust anybody again.
  • Noir cinema is great, but it’s full of shit. For a start, the contrast is too light. The world is much darker than that.


Aaron Kent
Montage: Claire Palmer

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