a partial history of the absurd

in everybody’s mind
there must occur sometimes
a blinding flash
which catches not quite fire
yet even so flares briefly
and mysteriously
into the collective conscience
if not the collective consciousness
of their world
without them ever really knowing
how or why it leaves many lives
not only disturbed and charred
but also as mysteriously adrift
as cosmic flotsam and jetsam

it’s another illustration maybe
that the world has no meaning
beyond being as beautifully absurd
as the Marx Brothers and Twin Peaks
so is comic flotsam, and Jetsam
the best they can hope for?
maybe but remember
for many it’s what spurred them on
against tyrants tycoons and oligarchs
who were the prototypes
of the Trumps and Putins de nos jours
before Groucho and The Log Lady
arrived just in time
to make perfect sense




Jeff Cloves
Illustration: Claire Palmer





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