see it, say it, sorted,
you’ve seen the chaos of my life,
you’ve said it, yet it’s far from sorted,
there are things I must do beyond sorting,
climate change to reverse, a planet to salvage,
hedgehogs to pluck from hazardous highways,
migrants to save from sinking dinghies,
rough-sleepers to ease, fascists to fight,
women to free and gender minorities
to liberate from repressive regimes,
armies to expel from occupied lands,
litter to pick up in the park,
we’ve seen it, we’re saying it,
why the hell ain’t it sorted…?




Andrew Darlington






By Andrew Darlington

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One Response to SEE IT. SAY IT. SORTED.

    1. Spot on 👍🏻

      Comment by Tom on 1 October, 2023 at 5:33 pm

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