A Piano Accordion

Have you ever fancied dressing up as a cowboy?
“I was seeing a man about some boots”, she said.
Unpredictable weather makes life even harder and
hunting by stealth in the open grasslands presents

quite a challenge. “If only we could fly”, she said.
At the back of the trailer we found a beautiful
carousel horse yet we seem to be living through
a farce that nobody could actually have scripted.

“This sign says nothing but we know exactly what
it means”, she said. It’s as easy to be addicted to
collecting as it is to be addicted to coffee but we
may need to finesse the situation and so many

utopian visions include a journey to the mountain.
“The secret in taming a hawk is to take things slowly”,
she said. Just how red is your front door? Let’s assume
nothing, just riff a little and head for the uplands, watch

the buzzards riding the thermals for a while. “If only
I could fly”, he said. Yet the waves have risen and the
waters have muddied – it’s high time we headed for
the hills. “I love advertising that is purely visual”, she said.

Globalisation brings displacement without a doubt
yet the pine marten is normally a nocturnal creature
and it’s rare to see them in daylight. Once upon a time
libraries were quiet places where people read and sat

in contemplation but those days have long gone and
it’s now a question of identifying the noise. “In cross-
section, they are like a leaf”, he said. If we’re talking
about dustbin lids here then it must be the bream.



Steve Spence

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