A Voiceless Cry

Nadia Anjuman Herawi (Nadja Anjoman) was a talented young Afghani poet who died at the tender age of 25. She was murdered by her husband who beat her to death for ‘shaming the family’ by writing poetry about oppression faced by Afghani women. Her words are a stirring legacy.

“Which plunderer’s hand ransacked the pure gold statute of your dreams
In this horrendous storm?”

Nadia Anjuman, “Strands of Steel”

They’re coming in from the road, now
Thirsty souls and dusty skirts brought from the desert
Their breath burning, mirage-mingled
Mouths dry and caked with dust
They’re coming in from the road, now
Tormented-bodied, girls brought up on pain
Joy departed from their faces
Hearts old and lined with cracks
Nadia Anjuman, “A Voiceless Cry”


Illustration: Jackie Morris


Dreams of Human Rights – Amnesty International


The Last Taboo

The video below is not presented here as a comment on Islam or Christianity, but on the violation of millions of women around the world who are living as sub-slaves. Only when they are free, and the divine feminine principle is accepted as a spiritual influence will the world be free. It is a violent ideology against women, not terrorism, that is the real threat to the world.

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