Across the Tracks

llustration: Elena Caldera



Across The Tracks

Flush out the twitching fascists from their privileged towers of capital power

Hang out the headscarves like flags of insurrection

Pie fly five o who blow up young asteroids

And bring the double dealing, poison elite to their knees

The fat cock wallets of global war machines can easily

eradicate world poverty

Send out love bombs and peace grenades

with magic keys to free all slaves

Knock down the walls of human apartheid

preach  unity between Jew and gentile

Crack the corrupt system –

make the power chieftains listen

The long arm of the law always

right hooks the poor

while bombastic billionaires ejaculate their way to freedom

Expose the inside silt of toilet lies

And the unlawful murder of truth provocateurs

Aaron Swartz wizard of the web

cyber pioneer hung by his belt –

they said it was suicide

prosecutors unwilling to compromise, so we

lost a dreamer, real rainmaker of our times –

Open the doors with mercy

Unclasp the chastity belt of ignorance

and let the curtain down on those big caboosed botox  bikini babes – with cash fed

pouts and rhinestone vaginas

Leave the smoking rooms of stale cigar paymasters

splattered with the dysentery of broken families –

drowning in debt – ‘home ,’ is a storm drain in Vegas

or a bed on a bench in a public park

a pile of grey flowers on the calloused  heel of the city

a shop front, a waste pit, in the dark

Open the show with fake promises and tired white rhetoric

as high fire – sharpie stencilled soldiers, burn through parchment onto

the battle field their eating flesh – red bellies bursting –

Ox-cart hands now calamine pink –

Matchstick limbs snapped like twigs on a gangrene landscape

Attack  the thick lipped grin of motor mouthed demagogues

Can you hear the diesels humming?

Time to cross – get to the other side

And occupy!

Occupy your life your world your soul.


Saira Viola

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