Acute Mania


                       Singing, laughing, talking nonsense
                        Or crying alternately, thinks I’m not really
                        A Doctor, believes I’m George Robey.

                        Didn’t look for work, her sister says,
                       Until she was nearly twenty. 

                       Maniacal, excited, constantly chatting
                       Or rambling determidly, pinches and 
                       Scratches herself most cruelly.

                       Was always smiling, her sister says,
                       Was ever anxious to please.                                       

                       Refuses all food so is fed by the pump,
                        Dirty and wet in her habits, frequently
                        Uses foul language, has no sense of


                        Was a pretty girl her sister says,
                        Suspects she had a lover quite unknown
                        To me. 

                        She often asks for Allan
                        And fancies she’s a Queen.          





Kevin Patrick McCann
Illustration Nick Victor


A new book of poems

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