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Reasons to be cheerful: Some quick links to music that may have passed you by. Rustled together by Alan Dearling

Nneka ‘LIVE in Berlin 2015’ (FULL CONCERT) @Jam’in’Berlin

Nneka elicits a soulful, powerful concert @Kesselhaus, Berlin.  Watch also the interview with Nneka @Jam’in’Berlin:

‘I wanna be a Hippy!’ Technohead (Flamman and Abraxas mix):

Just when we need some bonkers music!

Original title track from Elton John’s debut album (never released): ‘Regimental Sgt. Zippo’. Psychedelic whimsy…

Katherine Priddy: ‘Indigo’ from her new album, ‘The Eternal Rocks Beneath ‘.

Melodic waves of sound, Nu-Folk, atmospheric, from talented Birmingham-based artist. A bit in the vein of early Joni? Well worth exploring.


Blues Magoos: ‘Never Goin’ back to Georgia’

Title track from their 1969, largely covers album. Extraordinarily reminiscent of the Santana ‘sound’. There’s little footage of them playing live from this era.

A very grainy piece of film:

‘We ain’t got nothing yet’:


Just released is the first, (surprisingly), collection of Brian Eno’s Music for Films 1976-2020 (many tracks never previously released anywhere). Theme from ‘Dune’:

 Here’s a short documentary:

Many commentators have described his frequently ambient-style music as:

‘Sound landscapes’.

Misty In Roots – ‘Time’s Getting Harder’

A song for Our Times, perhaps? (from a rare album, Live, Misty Over Sweden)


And finally, something different. A sample of Anoushka Shankar playing her dad’s music live: ‘No 2 Raga-Mala’ (composed by Ravi Shankar) with the Berlin Philharmonic.…

I was extremely lucky and privileged to see her live at the Boom Festival in Portugal, mixing together, in a real live, full-on cultural musical blender, Traditional and Dance sounds. Sublime stuff! My little video film from a pocket camera has had over 80,000 views. It nicely shares the vibes that Anoushka and friends were sharing with an international EDM dance crowd…



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