An ERROR not grasped under the weight of ERROR 


While others ponder, pour over the vagaries of a love letter:

‘I will be with you, whatever.’

The PM of the New Dawn day: house-bound and partially gagged

stumbles over ISLA

SLAM        MISS



In quantum time / space an electron with negative capability

takes time out – once removed –  to attempt conviction

with the Keats-Heidegger particle but fumbles over

the Laws of Attraction.

This only conflicts and contradicts and confuses covalence.


The proton mob keep on keeping on and up

with the optimistic spin doing the rounds

but all the gush and zeal feels

strangely carried away

circular in reasoning soon helium-filled, ballooned and jettisoned.

Heisenberg calculates predictions measurably unpredictable –

please do approach all facts-statistics with caution

we know where you’re going with this or when

just not both


A neutron – nonplussed, undetonated, remains stable and out-of-it.

The quarks speak in tongues of Latin:

Ergo… Ipso Facto… Quad est demonstrandum…

(it’s simply about action in the real face of inaction)


The rest of the time was just unfulfilled space:

wrinkled, curved, flattened.

And more of the same

space left unanswered

to the question of what is space

in the face of more space?

Who fills the space?

Nature abhors a vacuum

is left as an afterthought

and passes.


Back in the cosmic

the slip is barely noted on the back benches.

Equilibrium restores equanimity through the purity of calculation

(this is mastered without paradox or tautology).

Rhetoric glissades with the usual / unusual economy of tenor and tone;

sycophants internally genuflect.


The PM of the New Dawn day continues all-composed shallow density

riding the gravitas train of thought-up depth that fails to sink the shimmer of narcissus,

all sense of statement runs off

as is was

under due care and process unflinching in rote banality

saying nothing challenging in ways that nearly never almost matter.



Kieron Nightingale


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