An Important Chapter













An Important Chapter

Looking for a happy ending
is just a waste of time.
The final scene is not yet written,
there is not even a plot outline
to go by. We may well be
beyond the opening chapter,
but  it is still ‘once upon a time’
when it comes to the end
of our fighting, of this war.



Take us back to the beginning
and teach us to forgive.
Let the curse go unanswered,
drunken punches be ignored.
Let slander be unspoken,
our children be unharmed.
Bring our men down from the mountains,
our dead back from their graves.
There is and never has been
any need for this war.


Dead Languages

With hindsight they will know
we could have spoken out
against the war and been saved.
We could have said what we felt.

With hindsight they will know
we were all killed, that nobody
was left to try and explain,
give any reasons or excuses.

With hindsight they will know
nothing about us, where we lived
or how and why we fought.
We will be forgotten history.

Our language they will never know.
We had forgotten how to speak out,
forgotten we could shout out ‘no’.
Our dead language made us fight.


Original Sin

There is nothing original about our sin.
We kill just as our ancestors killed,
weep and mourn in exactly the same way,
make the same mistakes, repeat what should
never be repeated, desperately trying to forget.

Originally, we fought in anger, now it’s just
our way of life. We are proud and argumentative,
quick tempered and slow to forgive. We enjoy
making the same mistakes, try to forget that
we have forgotten what should never be forgotten.



Marek Erland

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