No Longer Alone




before new darkness

in a quench feast

pocked time breaks through exuberant

thrush song

put back into the precisely occupied

taken out and moved

onto the next felt thought

in a whisk box

replaced by a similar

but different from

minor shift into

a problem you once filled

edge of the block

uphill and downtown

lifting small rocks

dropped by local weapons

in a park of sticky anisotropy

where the crystal axes of grains align

a boundary slide

encourages directional deformation

demanded rather than

coerced or trammed

the hair vest protest

in the sex lounge

delayed viscous adjustment

of rotational bulge

to stabilise turn of axis

before new darkness

in and out of polar wander

appeals to consecutive and opposite

loaded phases in the breath gasp

without necessity for thought of development

beyond a required insistence

this refusal without notice

to integrate sensors implement processes

controls action of forces

a directed evolution

increases dynamic range

right angled on the circuit

a nearly constant flux of dust

isotopic composition of methane

drives variations in atmospheric concentrations

a large decrease in the axial dipole

and a dominant role of unpaired components

we designed an architecture of an AND gate

with constraints to get in and

out with common signals

layered paradise in the squelch lounge

found correlations between what was

variable in medieval ice

changes in the numbers of others and their land use

in the Han and Roman gloves and pockets

the characteristics of a knowing beforehand

a back to front coitus

this switch and rebound in a breath turn

in and out of polar wander





Allen Fisher

Illustration: Claire Palmer



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