An Uneven Surface

What is it that we don’t know about matter?
Are we about to see the end of the high street?
How does consciousness come from a mass of jelly?
“To understand how it all works we’re going to

need an expert,” she said. Here we have a rich
array of insects but we’re never going to land on
that thing and we need to clarify our repertoire.
A resulting build-up of colour creates a pattern

and suddenly our possibilities seem endless. “What
is sound and how do we hear it,” he said. Once the
sun goes down we are in serious trouble but the
water temperature has risen and it’s clear that some

marine life is where it shouldn’t be. All available
resources will be used in our hunt for the culprits,”
he said. When did you last use dental floss? Half man,
half fish, is that what we’re looking at here?

Steve Spence
Illustration: Atlanta Wiggs

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