An Urge to Jump

Walking down this street you can smell the
history yet everybody has a toolbox and right
now there is nowhere for these ambush
predators to hide. “Large, splashy and gestural”,

she said. It’s not much of an answer but some-
times we appear to be teetering on the edge
and who needs the truth when you can have a
mystery? “In this case we couldn’t regain control”,

he said. The hardest truth ever uttered is that
the show must go on but watching this character
perform is a bit like experiencing primal scream
therapy for real. Once again, have you over-used

the subliminal cut? What will happen to us in time?
As Claudius hesitates the tensions grow yet our
dragon dance has been performed all over China
and it’s so easy to see a demon in every dark corner.

How do we mark the passing of the days? We may
be talking about painting or it could even be a live
performance of some sort. “I’d never anticipated
selling these things”, she said. Can you hear the

approaching footsteps? Absurdity off-screen is
matched by absurdity on-screen yet it seems that
our mood has darkened. Could the long wait be over?
Few can hunt by stealth on the open plains and by

the way areas rich in gas and oil are likely to be
already mapped. Have you ever been tempted
to hug a tadpole? “Kindness to animals is at the
heart of everything we do”, she said.



Steve Spence

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