I sat in a darkened room

                                                                And looked at angel pictures.


                                                                Such curious creatures;

                                                                Images from another age,

                                                                Images of seraphim and

                                                                Convoluted bodies.

                                                                That leering gryllus

                                                                Was my other life.


                                                                I taunted the angels.

                                                                They stared into the light.

                                                                Such disdain.

                                                                Such fragile pride.

                                                                Their multi-coloured wings,

                                                                Their neon garments,

                                                                Outshone the sun

                                                                And the moon hid itself

                                                                In despair.

                                                                How dare they think

                                                                Such thoughts?


Those angel pictures

Haunt my room,

My darkened room:

Velvet blue light,

Soft, cool shadows


No more





A C  Evans


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