Rechristen London

‘Tomorrow a child will rechristen our London as LONDON’





I have told you that there is a laugh in every corner

And a pocket-book stuffed with rolls of skin

To pay off the bills of the costive

To buy a new pipe for the dog

To send a committee or bury a stone


I have told you all this

But do you know that

Tomorrow the psalmist will lunch on his crystal

Tomorrow REVOLT will be written in human hair

Tomorrow the hangman’s rope will tie itself in a bow

Tomorrow virginia creeper will strangle the clergy

Tomorrow the witness will tickle the judge

Tomorrow this page will be found in a womb

Tomorrow the lovers will answer the palace

Tomorrow Karl Marx will descend in a fire-balloon

Tomorrow the word that you lost will ask you home

Tomorrow the virgin will fall down a magnified well

Tomorrow the news will be broadcast in dialect

Tomorrow the beautiful girl will attend

Tomorrow a cloud will follow the bankers

Tomorrow a child will rechristen our London as LONDON

Tomorrow a tree will grow into a hand

Yes listen

Tomorrow the clocks will chime like voices

Tomorrow a train will set out for the sky


National papers please reprint



Text: Roger Roughton    1936

Image: Dragana Nikolic



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