Another Number


For Heathcote Williams on his 81st Birthday 

At 81 you become that touch more mythic
Another year away from the table 
At Niall and Julie’s, and at which we all sat.
Watching the lightbulb in your mouth, 
As spotlight fused, you shone for us;
The soft light tracking language
In the bohemian beam you begat. 

Happy birthday Great H. Five years X-Ed
There’s no other who used words 
As weapons and phosphorescence, too,
Let’s be frank. Or let’s try to be you; 
Our dear departed John Henley. Now, Niall
Assists you as you walk the Astral sea 
And star-plank; for the bravest steps 

Ever made are never the ones we expected;
Poets perhaps get to see them as they sit 
And soar above worlds. Where are you now?
In the wisps of air snatched between 
Breezes, or in the faces of the Williams 
Boys and girls. Your history is now air 
But the pages turn, ever solid. And so, still 

Anarchic and part prophet too, light our way
You did not get to be 81. Instead, 
In the words you wrought, you’re immortal.
Each year now confirms that. And so, 
With mouth and hands shining I write again For you Heathcote. 

Happy eternal birthday. 



David Erdos November 15th 2022




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