Answers may never properly receipt questions


When they interrupted and asked if I was ready

I had trust, no questions, only obedience for

I trusted in singular sincerity of honesty.


When we humbly asked them for help

it was not for repayment but for humanity

to prove right is measured in deeds not money.


We did not pile our dead bodies, one-upon-one

like a Trump Tower, propelled heavenward

to remain only within our memories.


We quietly buried our loved ones

with thanks for their selfless sacrifice, 

grateful to receive reward in a better place.


Women of war we are called but we do not

begin hostilities – we prefer negotiation,

compromise, creation of community.


We will finish what we are called to

fight, with clenched-fist ferociousness,

determination, single-mindedly, together





Andrew C Brown
Illustration Nick Victor

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