They call me homosapien, and make no mistake I’m an Ape. And I’m takin over the planet.
Fresh on the scene with abilities you can’t imagine,
And from the era of the mammalians I emerge.
I make tools like Adobe, throw me a bone I’ll make an arrow then fire it at you,
Glad to meet you and soon to defeat you.
I’m gonna grown you and domesticate ya on a worldwide scale and then slaughter you and put your corpse upon a plate for later.
They say the anthropocene  because I burst on the scene like anthrax.
Man that’s a nice coat, I think I’m gonna shave of your skin and adorn myself with a piece of your fin Mr sharky.
Spark me a cigarette, I domesticate fire too.
Shere kan can’t say shit,  build his funeral pyre too.
North to South I draw deep divisions, The fission of pangolia was never quite enough.
East to west I pump out emissions, who needs the ozone when you are the best, let the rough times come..
I don’t even like my own – anthropocentric terminology means that to dehumanises is to debase.
But we debase and we’re human, when have you ever heard a herd of cattle battle hard in such a snooty way?
Collatoral damage when I fight with my own I’ll subdue you and shoe you with spikes in the side till you cry out in pain and you carry me home on your back Mr horse,
I sit on the shoulders of giants, Mr elephant how dare you insult me?
I am king of the jungle and I want your tusk so you must die but first you exalt me!
As your steward i turn you to stew there’s a biblical mandate there too.
These opposable thumbs mean I write my shot down yall must freestyle cos yall  can’t write shit with your hooves.
Serving extinction with my Rhymes so sublime fine bullet frog I wiped your ass out right back in 89,
When I walk the ground trembles well that ain’t true but when I frack in Oklahoma you  gon feel that fool!
Fish swim try to escape me, I’ll overfish your ass out of the water I dare you to bait me!
Chopping trees down in China for chopsticks and chewing on chiwawas, crushing on pigs in the west, bushmeat on the rhinos head, chickens world wide with a side of bread.
Beef in my belly means carbon above but we just love to nibble on that stuff.
It’s not efficient but it’s buff and deforestation well who gives a fuck?
We’re the homo sapiens and we’re living it up with out cars and out planes and our nice new oceans right in the artic affecting the motion of tides! Eco systems can never survive.
Life on earth is disposable unless your alive in the right place at the right time and the right temperature…
I heat the mic up like u heat up the globe, more rises out of the crowd than the level of the sea more green in my pocket than greeb forests regrown.
I roam the planet in a way that’s unique, all continents are mine mark them of with my excrete,
Cos at the Base I’m an animal, just like yourselves and in destroying you I cannibalise myself.
At the Base I’m an animal, just like yourselves and in destroying you I cannibalise myself.
Femi Nylander

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