apples are not the only gadgets


jaguar is not a big cat of the Panthera genus, the threatened

feline of the Americas, but a high-performance engine,

its exhaust notes a snarl, an iconic car, a vision for our future


apple is not a pomaceous fruit typical of orchards

but a multinational company that designs and markets electronics,

computers, software.  (Child labour worsens in its Chinese factories)


winnebago is not the name of a First American tribe

(known also as Ho-Chunk), but a motor home, a lifestyle with compact

coach, rotating 20” TV, vinyl ceiling, and wood effects in mocha cherry


blackberry is not a fruit comprised of drupelets, common

in hedgerows, but a smartphone with apps to change the way

consumers live, work and play.  Apparently they do more – faster


touareg is not a Berber people, the nomadic pastoralists of the North

African Sahara, but a stylish off-roader that takes you anywhere you want to go

(advertising: state-of-the-art hyperbole)


earth is not our one and only life-sustaining planet

but a cache of raw matter to be stripped, mined, fracked,

made machines to appropriate the native

Helen Moore



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One Response to apples are not the only gadgets

    1. Right on! I like it!

      Comment by Lorraine Fish on 7 May, 2012 at 1:59 pm

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