A response to I NEED A CHANGE the debut single by That Joe Payne



Sighs  from the angels descend in suitably unearthly chorus

As the change Joe Payne needs most soothes the listeners soul

With smooth sound. Classic chords unison as the God of song finds

A daughter in the soaring falsetto Payne captures as easily

As those blessed with wings claim the ground.


As this prelude gives way to the aims of a loving man’s desperation

The scale of the divine and what’s wasted are given equal weight

In his voice.  The lyric bids goodbye to the world and the ache within

Is all people; boy, girl, man, woman, each with their fears

And spurned choice. This is a song that transports and a singer


Whose soul is star travel. ‘I need a change’ in all senses

Is a theme for the found and the lost.  A wavering sound bed

Echoes sleep, turning to dream in dark hours,

As the tearful intention now cleansers, as if calming

The shamed and pain tossed.  But this Payne sounds sweet,


Flavouring the song’s river, which undulates now around us

Like the waters  of Lethe taking all. This is the single

That binds everyone who will listen: That Joe Payne

As a siren, who in breaching the dark saves each fall.

It is an experience drawn from the spectacular tastes

Of the classic that now fill our senses in a thoroughly modern

Sound world. In which the debut single becomes a true universal

And the flight clears dark vapours with the flag of the heart

Now unfurled.  ‘Save me the love that you gave me;’

He’s begging; like a boy drowned by thunder singing to all


He dreams  of. ‘Break me’, he dares; ‘find reasons to hate me,’

Skin shedding, he supercedes the sad notion

That we the unworthy are not graced by the light

Glimpsed above. The heart then transforms

To become a mouth kissing sweetly, from within the man


To the spirit and to the shining skin, that’s soul’s coat.

Against the chill and the change there is still the spark

Of spent fires that rains now as diamonds

Of bright, glistening sound in his throat.

That Joe Payne passion fuels transmission from earth


Towards heaven, as this call without genre

Becomes the expression of all the night’s housed.

Breaking through is this song, the first of so many

That will make those who hear them angels of faith

Freed from doubt. Here is a song’s symphony


And love’s orchestra effervescent,

As the experiment becomes nature

And this new future and form grace the strange.

This is the heart’s hurtful tones easily moved towards rapture,

As all who have suffered grow greatful and give praise to this:


That Joe Payne.


cd single available from…..


David Erdos  19/3/18

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