Your needs aren’t sufficient I’m afraid. Despite their ongoing looking.
Did I keep you waiting long? We’re conducting a survey to save you.
So lovely for the company, indeed, I’m not saying you do, but if you did…
Happy as hell, help free events, free phone numbers – it might not seem that way.
Just use a finger Monday to Friday, Tuesday week. It’s a more personalised approach.
I think it’s almost gone now, if it hasn’t done completely.
Surely some form of thanks is in order. That’s another great reason not to be here.
You don’t have to record debt. But if he’s okay with it… I’m not a hundred percent.
Hours at the workstation, you’ll get that joke tomorrow. I would allow relief.
Clearly a typo. Terminates interview. Clutching at straws, may be worth it.
Dots and dashes, running in the background. This is the driver’s seat.
Try it over there, on the big screen. Click yes to review the decision.


© Greg Fiddament 2018

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