autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist

In autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist ortiz asks us to peer into the post-apocalyptic landscape of our times. The voice of these poems is ragged and sensual, wearing the scars of a life lived in protest just by loving. It seduces us with the tantalizing declaration that it knows “all the possible ways a world ends.” Despite the promise of certain death, the voice still beckons, offering us the possibility being side by side through the blast, if only to face the end together.

From autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist:

“do not resuscitate me/let my body crack open/like the sea of ice on Pluto/my heart might resemble/yaupon holly in full winter bloom/you might be tempted/to taste my fleshy organ/set fire to the neat architecture of God’s steady hand/I only want to exist/as earth and ash/my bones belong to me/even when I don’t belong/to the earth”

mónica teresa ortiz is a poet born and raised in Texas. Black Radish Books published her first poetry collection, muted blood, in 2018. Her chapbook of crónicas, autobiography of a semi romantic anarchist, was the winner of the first Host Publications Chapbook Prize, published in March, 2019. ortiz is the poetry editor for Raspa Magazine, a Queer Latinx literary and art journal. Follow her on Instagram: @elgallosalvaje

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