Who knew that he would stoop so low and keep stooping,
As he proports to package back to Rwanda, like unwanted goods
The lost souls that this bastard seals under the guise of protection:
But protecting who, scum? Your lack of conscience, or the empiric
Desire to pay for our future with what could easily be Nazi gold.
With Pitbull Patel as his bitch he will shepherd limbs and lambs
To the slaughter, sending them not to her island but to an
Entire country as camp, where concentration is key,
And the firs through the door are not jewish, but from any race,
Creed and ruin fit to fear the fascist boot’s final stamp. 
We are told that any arrivals this year will be dropped, dumped
And processed! Does that mean like the cheese and the sausage
That he gobbled down, partying? He paid his fifty quid
Fucking fast, in order to escape criminal connatations, while having
The bare-faced cheek to keep lying despite his devil defined
Bartering. Make no mistake: if this is allowed to continue,
Your life is a dream and this Easter’s commemoration of Christ
Will launch deaths with as much resonance and on a human scale
That the rabbit and no end of chocolate could seek to assuage
Through sweet breath. Rwanker!  I say, to have even considered this option. 
For to have even mooted it moats us in a corrupted castle of care
Where our supposed freedom is false and perpetually dangled
To distract us, as the King and Queen pimp the princess, and the Ickeian
Lizard dragon is pet to chance phantoms constructing a story of morality’s
Disrepair. Meantime, Passover and Easter collide as Ramadan joins
Fuck’s cluster. At a holy point the unholy and this Bastard’s charter
Starts scoring Hell’s pit with the blood of the beast  who through
Each religion runs riot, as our blonde one fucks fire to out phoenix
Past myth,  the fantasy too becomes false as reality horrors. 
How can we let this happen? We need our own Rebel Alliance
And a new Force to form us, as suddenly The Death Star is
In England, and in Kent, it seems sit the Sith.  What is there left
To defend when pretend patriots parade murder? And when
A new axis of evil if it finally lands sees us damned. Imagine Le Pen
As she rewrites liberation and then the return of Trump, and our
Johnson as they try to resume Hitler’s plan. That degenerate became
Glass. His fragile psychology was transparent. Now we’ll have
Mindsets tuned to the frequency of the mad and a scream
To the fields across which Lambs and rabbits once grazed
And scampered.  So  as you lick your bunny what’s funny
Will be the time we were free. Milk and honey soon sour
When even an African sun burns the blighted and those
Who chased sugar are left with ashes to eat.
                                        Suck such sad.
                                                                                  David Erdos, 15/4/22
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One Response to BAD FRIDAY

    1. Another brilliant commentary/diagnosis so fast on the breath of the last!

      Comment by Malcolm Ritchie on 16 April, 2022 at 10:10 am

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