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Bio Barbara Bervoets:
Since her childhood Barbara is fascinated by art, most likely inspired by her 2 artistic grandfathers. With a degree in tourism, she starts to travel around the world- first as a flight SABENA, later on her own adventure. By absorbing different cultures , she obtains the skills to implement their coloful diversities into her career as a stylist and color consultant.
In 2009 she returns to her first love: ART and decides to dedicate her life to creating sensual mixed media collages/assemblages, combined with action painting and lace, her favourite fetish and a remembrance of the old fabric store of her grandmother. Freedom, playfulness and sensuality are returning concepts in her work: ultra feminine art with a spark of eroticism, a potion of self mockery, willfulness and passion. the images embody a divine medley of various moods as edgy, glamorous, nostalgic and rock ‘n roll. Also she’s not bothered to put some political statements in some of her works.
Bervoets participated already in several exhibitions in the Benelux such as Be-PART Waregem, Museum MAS Antwerp, Art Rotterdam, Cutting edge Women at Verbeke Foundation Belgium etc.









Info about the latest series ‘7 Sins: Nunsense’:
For the series ‘7 Sins: Nunsense’ Bervoets descends into the mythical world of sinners. Fascinated by the work of J.Bosch and the everlasting battle with dark demons, Barbara has the guts to impersonate this into titillating, passionate collages – all embody the raw, sensual, daring imaginative world of sensuality. Even more, these voluptuous works will offer you a feverish exploration full of devotion. to sin from time to time is part of being human- but more important- everybody is responsible for the life he/she wants to lead…
Some hot news to end with: Bervoets lives in a peaceful garden among a few diabolic beguines. Inspired by this setting she especially granted the leading part to some wicked nuns! Edgy indeed!


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