Epiphany Medium Rare



not like the first word that breaks the silence of the world
not like the sound that mumbles through my shield of flesh

nothing like that,

like the fire

fire word
fire sound
pure fire of

pure gravity

have that fire in me
fire that will burn your waters dry,
have the fierce fire inside of me,
fire that will put flames where you did spell waves
even if you can distill what matter craves

be still

and redefine these fire burns with calm liquidity,
a sweet and stray melody in fire’s pre-tense meliority

fire sound
and fire thing
and fire being

hear it weaving
sometimes am indeed afraid of that so-called fire
and iron ironies cover this key hole that allows a glimpse
of the simple thought that laws can melt in it
of the poor opinion that infinity is affinity.

like the fire, like the high
fi -air
higher in sound, and
word –


-er! shapeless denial :
frozen in fire

It’s still like a fire.


Bogdan Puslenghea
Art: Nick Victor



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