Adept Zen Values



‘Adept zen values’ ⓒ2014
‘Adept zen values’ is a series of collages I made in the early 2014.
I was flipping through a stack of the same old magazines we used to have at home.
A magazine with a lot of pictures and spicey stories about everyday high and low life.
The remembrance of the feeling I had then and even now is still the same, wondering what was going on in their minds.
In the meantime thinking and knowing that everything and everyone is changing all the time.

Adept zen values #1 She walks
Adept zen values #2 Be well
Adept zen values #3 Ill will
Adept zen values #4 Drowsiness
Adept zen values #5 To the skies
Adept zen values #6 Boundless heart
Adept zen values #7 Sustain the recollection



Tinca Veerman






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