Beautifully Broken




Jon Dee Graham

It was a level 3 facility for the drunk and the disturbed.
For the drugglers and the smugglers, God’s crippled little birds.
It was a place to talk things over, for people without words.
Oh man, what a ball!
Not beautifully broken.
Just broken, that’s all. Broken, that’s all.

Yeah, well, Neil Young and “the damage done.” He got it wrong.
See there’s never been a junkie like the “setting sun,” so reliable and strong.
Yes, they both fade with color into black. But the difference is:
one of them is gone for good, the other one comes back.
Ah, mom, I meant to call.
Not beautifully broken.
I’m just broken, that’s all.

Yeah, well, the struggle is just struggle. It’s only struggle and nothing more.
No pride, no shame, no dignity in being hard and poor.
At least that’s how I recall.
Not beautifully broken.
Just broken, that’s all.
I’m broken, that’s all.
We’re broken, that’s all.
Just broken that’s all.

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