Strange contours on the radar,
Secret lab deep in the countryside,
Technicians in white coats.
On the blink again, sir
What is it?
Dunno, sir, it’s beyond me,
Picture not perfect,
Colour errors continue,
It’s beyond surreal,
A cruel story, the sins of youth
What really rocks this starlet?
It was due to the sloppy production schedule
She said, gagging for some action,
Toying with her easy-fit waistband extenders and her
Magnetic bracelets worn for sitting or standing
At the console, a superb luxury machine
Finished in brushed silver; set the alarm
And wake up with a perfectly timed
Analogue face
Touch and glow!
She certainly did, but preferred shopping
In bargain basements with sinister mercenaries
From a distant galaxy
The bookies rarely get these things wrong.
We hang on as we look to bounce back into real time, and
The good thing is there are no more odds and ends
But we can still hit the headlines with this
Grisly slash-fest mashup filmed by viewers
As two stoned pot smokers drift into range
Zap! Ultimate in snug comfort.
Keep your hands warm I begged her
As she took up her spoke shave balsa stripper
Ready for playing among the stars
As if that was not enough!
We can break new ground with this inner landscape
You’ll be amazed
We slipped along between the floating solar-powered
String lights
Not sure who’s at the door?
Eyes as hard as steel she unleashed a satirical puppet show
And lashed out with mind-blowing stratospheric vocals
I’m so filthy filthy you’ll explode in seconds!
She screamed
It was a team of Manhattan-based scientists
A mother-and-daughter set-up with conflicting views
About the future, huh.
Well, that fractured our rampant ultra-hard obscure
Zombie cannibal death trip B-movie cover story
Haunted by a cordless chiming doorbell
In fact, a sonic deterrent
To deal with lane huggers and interstellar tailgaters
Don’t forget the accessories!


 AC Evans
Illustration Nick Victor
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