Bippety & Boppety Look Ahead to the Quite Near Future

– The forecast is for snow, then more snow.
– The toboggan manufacturers will be celebrating.
– Bastards. Anyway, what have you been up to?
– I was reading a book but I gave up on it.
– What was it?
– “A Snow White For The Digital Age.”
– You don’t want to be reading that kind of nonsense. Stick to stuff that was written before typewriters were invented.
– You’re probably right.
– There’s no ‘probably’ about it.
– Whatever. I’m going to go look out the window.
– There’s nothing but loads of children out there.
– What’s the world coming to?
– Children glued to their phones and waiting for the snow.
– So they can build snowmen.
– And throw snowballs at old people.


Martin Stannard



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