Bits and Pieces of Memory from the Middle East



I spread my rug in the sky
In order to be closer to God and the stars.
A while later,
My Mother said; ‘Take the samovar and the tea pot as well,’
But I had already changed my mind
And returned to the earth soon after.
The loneliness of the sky bored me.




The sandanistas had given up their weapons,
The Zapatistas had initiated negotiations with the bourgeois government,
But you were still at war with me.
We were planning to spend our holidays in Cuba
But we were short of money.
So we got a hotel in Lahijan
To walk in Shaytan Kooh in the afternoons.
And in front of the eyes of the tea planters and the wind
We will weave into each other.
These were my desires.
But you sent back the ticket
And I stayed in Tehran.



Mark was not from the Middle East.
Mark was not a student at the university of Baghdad.
Mark did not know Arabic.
Mark wished to come to the Middle East.
Mrk had heard something about One thousand and One nights.
Mark did not meet Shehrzade in Baghdad.
Mark was watching the doves in the sky of Baghdad.
Mark went up to the doves with the sound of the blast.
Mark left with the doves.
Mark is now the son of the Middle East.
And his mother is now taking him to street demonstrations

In a small frame.

Illustration: Elena Caldera



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