Give me men in black hats
Who snarled and cussed
Who stuck a gun
In your ribs
And took your money clean

Not those who talk sweet
So you have to read
Between their lies
When they look
Into your eyes
And ask you to give
To the things in which you believe
So they can get fat
Behind your back

A big hooray
For the mean men
You can trust to hate
Enough of those you hate to trust


Copyright Geoff Francis
From A Breath Before Dying part of a trilogy to be published early next year



Of late, as I paint, words come into my head as clues to what the emerging painting is saying for me. When it has been finished some time later, perhaps, even immediately, the meaning comes clear. It’s like looking back into a dream which has dredged itself from my subconscious.

In this painting, the sunlight is melting the juju of Mammon. Or is it the reverse?

The juju of Mammon is the ‘wisdom’ that melts the sun. The ‘wisdom’ under which Christ’s teaching of the rich man and the eye of a needle sinks like a stone, and daily continues to do so.

I have returned to experimenting with strong sculptural effects using the canvas and the paint. As always I’ve made use of mainly reclaimed commercial paint which otherwise, if buried, would be a poison in the earth. Which perhaps embodies the message of the painting in the medium.

Geoff is a painter, sculptor, filmmaker,writer poet and lyricist.

If anyone wishes to make use of the work here you are welcome to mail him [email protected]

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