Blood Carnation


blood carnation
Look at you, all dressed up pretty
spit polish shoes, iron pressed hair
ribbons and medals
and gold topped buttons
behind a perspex frame –
can you be a weapon for change ?
Metal birds map the skies
controlled by desk execs,
in starchy shirts, with land -grab eyes
chimp-hands clapping at every missile fired.
On sunken ground, a bank of thickening red gravy
sun bubbles heating
meat and muscle;
spilling guts, scabbing brown –
a trophonian wilderness,
heated terror on misshapen iron…
down down dicks in the dirt
shooting fish ‘till it hurts
Hero’s flag
draped across a body bag
a ten gun salute
a valley of tears
and a white gloved handshake
is all that remains.


Saira Viola

Illustration: Elena Caldera

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2 Responses to Blood Carnation

    1. Woke up to this . Vicious poetry like Sid , subversive , shocking and real . I am totally turned on to this kind of poetry . The Imagery is mind blowing and the accompanying art stuns . More of this please 🙂

      Comment by Jenny bergman on 21 April, 2016 at 8:07 am
    2. It’s an interesting bit of poetry; and it grabs attention…… A lot of truth spoken in a few words and hard to believe that it was written by such a young person. (There’s so much vision there.)

      Comment by Mal Samuel on 21 April, 2016 at 8:43 am

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