Bojohemian Rhapsody

Dutch Wogan
Published on 19 Jul 2019
Boris Johnson sings his epic Queen cover, “Bojohemian Rhapsody”.


Is this my real wife? Or just a bit of skirt?
I’ll win by a landslide and then I’ll make Corbyn hurt
Then I’ll open my fly and piss on the whole country
I’m just a rich boy devoid of empathy
But you love my hair, love my gaffes
Little whiff, little whaff
Any way the wind spaffs
Doesn’t really matter to me
To me

Mars bars will still be there
Aeroplanes will all still fly
And my mouth will still tell lies
Mars bars, they will still be done
‘Cause we’ll have glucose
Milk solids and whey
Mars bars! Ooh!
Wave your kippers in the air!
I won’t be back tonight ‘cause there’s a conference
Oh look – Carrie’s gone, Carrie’s gone
Oh well, nothing really matters

Finally my time has come
Moving into Number 10
Boris Johnson, your PM
Hello everybody, it’s time to go
Gotta leave EU behind and face No Deal
Mars bars! Ooh! (Hate it when the wind blows)
How many kids have I?
I always wish they’d never been born at all

I see an orange silhouetto of a man
I’m a pooch! I’m a pooch in the lap of Man Tango
Chlorinated chicken flocking into Britain soon
(Galileo) Galileo (Galileo) Galileo
No more GPS Euro
We’ll need our own

I’m such a rich boy, everybody loves me
(He’s such a rich boy from a rich family
Spare him a life of only modest achievement!)
Give me your NHS! Is it no or yes?
Trumpzilla, yes! Please take our NHS!
(No or yes?) Trumpzilla, please take our NHS!
(No or yes?) Take our NHS!
(No or yes?) Take our NHS!
That’s the Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrt of the Deal!
Ilhan, go home! Ilhan, go home!
Hold my beer! Hold my beer!
Hold my beer, Donald Trump!
Those piccaninnies have a watermelon smile for me
For me! For me!

So you think you can dress like a bank-robbing letterbox?
So you think you can come here and…shit, Carrie’s changed the locks!
Oh, baby! Can’t do this to me, baby!
Just need to get, just need to get my laptop

Nothing really matters, anyone can see
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters to me
Except being Prime Minister
Forgot to mention that


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