BBC1  April 11th 2016-04-11)
The BBC One show, ABUSED tells of the old victims horrors,
Twisted in youth to form puppets
Who have dangled and creaked throughout life.
They have at least found release from the tightness
Of thread wound across them, slick saccharine stains
Used to oil them, dried by the salted breath
Of warped cocks. Close to the end, a disguise
Placed over a boy/man fucked by (Chris) Denning,
Both appals and detaches with the stark strangeness shown.
CGI on the hair , his eyes as well, cartoon eyebrows.
The nose, oddly painted, his girlfriend
Also badly adapted, beside.
This does not serve or assist, or provide
The seclusion, wanted no doubt by the victim
Who shares the same name as mine.
Instead, it renders these old crimes extinct,
As if perpetrated perhaps
by Bugs Bunny, whose overbite and charisma
De-emphasise ancient signs.
The investigation persists, but somewhere out there,
‘They’ continue; In the semi-priviliged jail cell
And an infamous lair, undisclosed.
How do those old Devils live in their declining skin
And desire? Withering on but reviving
Small explosions  of blood on love’s rose.
To these men, the ability to perform Unnatural acts
Became natural; The kiss on a cousin
Related to the use of a tongue on a child.
Orality with your love as a generation’s morality
Lessens, is in conversation divided
Between those favouring the accepted
Norm and the wild. The programme reports
But it resolves very little;
The evil die, like the victims, who,
So much younger  endeavour to linger on
Under storms. But whether convicted, or dead,
Or ruining their reputations, those we’ve uncovered
Are never in the broken dark asking why.
It is only when we accept that the bitter tree
Is still growing. And that its roots sparked within us
Are trimmed by the wrong gardeners
That we will have the chance to reform
And to recognise the great weakness
That allows truth to blossom and stops
The ground beneath our shame, hardening.
David Erdos 11/4/16


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