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Brexit Boris – From Mayor to Nightmare

NEW BOOK: Brexit Boris – From Mayor to Nightmare

We all love Boris Johnson. Or do we? In his new book Heathcote Williams – joined by seven top cartoonists – explores the dark side of Britain’s most popular politician.

Uncovered here are the lies, the sackings, the betrayals, the racist insults, the brush with criminality, that should have got Boris Johnson disbarred from ever being considered for high office.

Johnson  has dismissedboris-book-431x260 all controversy with a bon mot and a ruffle of his blonde locks, and now on the back of Brexit Britain, he has reached the dizzy heights of the Foreign Office.

In Brexit Boris – From Mayor to Nightmare, Heathcote Williams wields his scalpel to lay bare the real Boris Johnson.

Forensic and passionate, eloquent and polemical, Heathcote Williams’ meticulous prose roars with righteous anger – Jeremy Hardy

£10 including p&p

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One Response to Brexit Boris – From Mayor to Nightmare

    1. Just to complete the review as originally published:

      There’s no substitute, though, for the book itself. As great as these pages look on onscreen, even as oversize enlargements, they’re still no match for the impact they make on the printed page. It’s not even close.

      The cartoons by the U.K.’s top political cartoonists are gems of satirical wit. But a hundred years from now it’s the text that will be remembered for making clear what the stakes and issues were.

      Comment by Jan Herman on 12 July, 2018 at 1:26 pm

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