Broke up with My Fiancé

He is like the same soul
In another body.
The same male chauvinism,
The same egoistic attitude
And nothing really changed
For me in my life.
My anxieties are only mine
And dragged me this far.
It is as if my womanhood
Is getting constantly threatened.
My love has turned
Into sleepless nights.
Relationship is like
A stranglehold for me;
Taking my life away
And it’s clear unfit
Only giving me suffocation.
After a thoughtful week,
Finally I broke up with him.
I broke up with my fiancé.




Tiyasha Khanra




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One Response to Broke up with My Fiancé

    1. Good words, good work x

      Comment by Tom on 18 February, 2022 at 11:57 pm

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