By my side

If you stand by my side 
I can find happiness even in grief 
And smile in pain and feel relief
If you stand by my side 
I can see rainbows after every night’s rain 
And dance in pleasure even in pain 
If you stand by my side 
I can stand up after the hardest storm
And dive you inside and feel warm
If you stand by my side
I can see the sun even in the darkest night 
And keep the flame burning bright 
If you stand by my side 
I can shield you away from an evil gaze 
And hide all your sorrows and keep you safe
Let me hold you by my side
And take you to a ride
Where you will see a beautiful life
 Mamta Verma
Mamta Verma, a Public Health Professional from Nepal. I am a married working lady who loves to keep balance between work and home. My favorite hobby is reciting poems in English. A few of my poems have been published in International Magazines (USA and India). Most of my writings are based on fiction and imaginary feelings.

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