Casey and the Old Cowboy


my horse is dead,
my saddle, and tack,
I walk with a limp now,
and live in a city full of people,
dumber than the critters I once watched,
a cancer which moves and spreads through the world,
at an amazing speed,
life once lived on the open prairie,
now lived in machines,
and other people’s minds,
my lip bloody,
from biting it,
so I don’t talk,
day after fucking day,
people too worried about getting theirs,
forget to fucking live,
live !!
I don’t care if the government pays all your health insurance,
you are still gonna die,
I fucking guarantee it,

so live !!!
can’t pay your bills,
than don’t pay them,
fuck it,
what are they doing to do,
shoot you,
and eat you,
you know what,
ignore that,
these days,
they probably will,
shoot you,
and eat you,
if there is any money in it,
did I tell you,
my horse is dead,
Casey was his name.




Doug Polk

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