Civic Education Class



First of all, rules. I mean, we all wanna jumpoff the top of the slide,

do a triplebackflip with an ace landing. But if we jumpoff, we could 

hita brother. Then brother’dcry. You’d still nail the landing 

but brother’s crying’d spoil everyfin’. We all know we s’ppose 

to go up the slide in single file. Pointless rule, but imagine we din’t.

We’d rush up gladiators like, and get stuck in the opening 

cause there isn’t enough room.Then, father‘ll call the firebrigade 

to come get us unstuck. They might even need to use the jaws of life 

to cutoff the rails. We wouldn’t be able to slide anymore. 

Best to follow everyfin’, watch everyone, say nofin’.




Maria Stadnicka

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