Clara, My Little Heart


I’m going to tell my daughter,
Clara, my little heart
You don’t have to listen what
They are talking about you;
You can pursue your own course.
My little heart, you can make
Your choices without thinking
About people’s judgement on it.
You can make mistakes.
It’s not an alien thing to do.
You can have feelings for
Such things and people
That is inconsiderable.
You can be honest to yourself.
You can walk at night.
Little dear, you can lough loudly.
You can spread your legs.
You can feel free to
Roam with your boy mates.
You can go everywhere.
There is no boundary, neither in
Your path nor in your life.
You don’t have to
Behave like a woman.
You can behave
The way you feel.
And that is enough womanly.




 Tiyasha Khanra


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      Comment by Tithi Chatterjee on 11 December, 2021 at 8:53 am

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