Cold Cyber-Enemy

cold cyber enemy

Pic. Elena Caldera


Don’t think too much, you humans.
Don’t dare to observe;
Don’t try to understand
Too intimately, too intently.

Don’t try to penetrate these wastes of cybernetic coldness
In their black casings, distilled from bitumen
And their unreachable depths of artificial consciousness.

Refrain from staring at their frozen, glassy eyes
Crammed with their dense circuitry,
Their coral reefs of electric sensors
Buried in their deep, dark abyss of petrified petroleum
Which are seething with cyberworld’s clammy tendrils.
It sees you and it hears you. All the time.
It examines you and it knows how you feel.
While it guards its own soulless soul
Made of polystyrene with its plastic feelings.

The marbles in the face of a bionic-cyberman that pass for almond shaped eyes are open windows.
Windows that stare hungrily at your warmth
And at your fragile mortal, human essence.
Mercilessly cosmocratic cybermen will swallow your meaty brain
And convert your gray matter into cyber-nourishment.
These voracious androids can create a gelatinous candy from succulent human neurons
And manufacture telencephalic supplements for their ravenous neural positrons.

They can sponge on your porous identity; they can soak it up and absorb it
With their sulphuric essence that eats away at
Your sweetly sugary mind that they find so tasty.

To Cyberworld, humans are succulent candies
Who, with their ruby-red metallic blood, they find juicy.
The minerals in human blood echo the metallic taste of the skin of the great tempter,
The Cyber-Snake, with its cold intelligence and its bionic scales.
Humans are at the mercy of robots

Their predation is total. Don’t let yourself be seduced
Or they will drown you too
In the pitiless chasm of their artificial mind.





Elena Caldera
Translation: Heathcote Williams

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