Stands to reason, don’t it?
The world’s flat.
Look how you can walk for miles in any
Without turning upside down
It’s just common sense

It’s plain as day, innit?
Whites are better than blacks.
Look how much more
They are at killing other people.
It’s just common sense.

Like the nose on my face, yeah?
Men are better than women.
Look how much more
They make.
It’s just common sense.

Is the Pope Catholic?
God didn’t put homos
In the Bible or anywhere
‘Cos they’re disgusting.
It’s just common sense.

And, speaking of which

It’s bleeding obvious, innit?
How else were we made
But by an
White guy in the sky?
It’s just common sense.

You gotta be joking!
What’s the point shining
Light through two
Total waste of time.
It’s just common sense. INNIT???



Words and picture Steve Jeanes

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