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We are post, we are autonomous, we are anarchists, we are communists, we provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine, we chase the uprisings, we are brutal feminists and we look after each other, searching for truth and yet disoriented, we fight in our neighborhoods and look for every opportunity to throw a stone. We come from the solidarity movement with Latin America, from the housing struggles of the 80s, from the fading Antifa of the 2000s, from the anti-globalization movement, and finally from today, which does not yet have a name. We want everything and nothing.

Originally published by Sūnzǐ Bīngfǎ. Translated by Riot Turtle.

It took us a long time to find each other. The reasons for this were certainly the two years of the pandemic separation, but ultimately and above all because we did not know each other, because we located ourselves politically and ideologically in other places of the left tessellation. Only with the breaking of this tessellation into splinters during the pandemic we got the necessary freedom to recompose ourselves. So we met for the first time these days coming from different cities (Wuppertal, Münster, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Bielefeld, Frankfurt) and discussed for a long day.

In this respect, we are only at the beginning. This text is a confirmation of this beginning, as it initially ‘only’ shows the criticism and dissatisfaction from which we came together and only cautiously hints where the journey could lead to.

We are addressing you. To you who also feel dissatisfaction, who realize that something is going wrong in the world and in what some still call leftism. We address those who are still willing to think, who are looking for orientation and do not find it in the old familiar. We address you because we feel the same.

We have come together as confused and isolated souls, outcasted and caved from our former political homes. We cannot offer you an analysis of the world, let alone a strategic proposal of what to do. What we can do, however, is share a random yet coherent list of views with you that mark, as we are convinced, the necessary break with this world.

  • The world is decaying. The Greens, in their compulsive good face game, try to stop or heal this decay with aloe vera. The fascists try to breathe new life into the decaying world with their necromancy of family, fatherland and Christianity. The old capitalists just continue as before. And the left, in its unsurpassed wisdom of the both-as-also dialectic, also tries its hand at the necromancy of concepts from the 19th and 20th centuries, also adding a pinch of aloe vera to the alleged magic potion that gives them the feeling of moving forward. Even the disciples of Andreas Malm pay homage to a despondent Leninism that trivializes the seizure of power in questions of militancy and pressure to act. Gramsci and Lenin would turn in their graves.
  • We stand stunned before what nowadays calls itself revolutionary politics, and yet is only a pile of rubble of left-wing social-democratic politics, which pounces resentfully on the FDP, still has not gotten over the betrayal of the SPD of 1914, and does not realize that the Greens have taken these “Punch and Judy” parties to their side as welcome idiots, in order to comfortably consolidate their project of Green Capitalism without causing a stir: Not a greenwashing project, in which only the old is whitewashed with new paint, but a project of capitalist renewal, which can be called, provisionally, “Green Fascism” in view of our own inadequacy to understand the new world in its totality, and whose potential is to stabilize capitalism in its crisis-riddenness for a too-long time: State of emergency propagandistically called climate emergency, social control through repression and destruction of the social in the name of prevention. Green colonialism in the lithium fields of Latin America, solar parks of the vast expanses of the African desert, the hydrogen power plants on the coasts and the holes of rare earth metals on every corner of this planet. Truman’s noisy village Show and Mad Max. Every wind turbine, every e-car, every organic supermarket, every greening of our prisons that others call cities, is an expression of this noisy village. Each of its design elements, means death in another place of the world, carefully hidden to us with walls and barbed wire, with Netflix and smart watches, with expansion of public transportation, greening of sidewalks and rainwater catchment stations.
  • We vomit because of the morality, the paternalism, the pietism, which drums on us in Dolby Surround and Richard Wagner pathos and demands renunciation and preservation of possession, discipline and furiousness, modesty and wastefulness from us. Who tells us that you have to make your hands dirty to achieve something, who promises us salvation in evil, as long as it is done with a headache. Here, too, in a completely different and yet identical way, the radical and leftist movement resembles the left-green-liberal milieu from Baerbock to Kipping, from Ramelow to Habeck, from Campact to the interventionist left. We don’t want to achieve anything, we don’t want reforms, we want fundamental change.
  • We can no longer stand this lukewarm, well-tempered state of this world and the left. Everywhere opinions and attitudes, nowhere consciousness and rebellion. Information everywhere, reality nowhere. Where leftists see chances and possibilities, ways to a transformation, where they say “after all and at least”, we see only opt-out schemes for those very leftists, tranquilizers and feel-good oases of secret despair regarding the state of affairs in the world.
  • We are now disgusted by the concepts of solidarity and responsibility. After all, they are the badge of shame of the German left, which joined the ruling Corona policy in goose step in 2020. Just as they now serve to legitimize a war. We keep the concept of solidarity in our hearts with pain, in the hope that it is not yet dead.
  • Really everything has been said about the fault lines during the two pandemic years and yet it is an important part of our history and therefore needs to be mentioned. Besides the obvious intellectual failure of the (radical) left, which had hardly any idea of asking the very own question of the left, namely “What does a good life for all look like”, but focused on pure survival, i.e. replaced politics by nihilism, one can also observe the disposal of leftist critique of science and internationalism, which took place at the speed of light. The left thus settled at home in sterility, loneliness and moral superiority or appeals. The state, as if the Marxist debates since the 1970s had not existed, became the Neogramscian guarantor of survival against evil, indeed one might almost say reaping capital. Thus, the left (to differentiate hardly makes sense here) watched in outrage as homeless people were evicted outside, people had to continue working, young people were beaten up or chased to death, and the vaccines and their patents, did not arrive in Africa and the patents were not suspended, respectively, despite the hashtags. “Once upon a time, the left and all liberation movements followed a different logic. It was a logic that consisted in risking and putting life on the line in order to win life, precisely for those who could not put their lives on the line. The separation of the demand for bread on the one hand and roses on the other hand was just not a here and there demand. Bread and roses were international maxims!” (1)
  • Whether Covid pandemic or Ukraine war. Whether transsexual law/self-determination law or the repeal of §219a: Feminism seems to be running rampant. Responsibility, values, equality and decriminalization. No emancipation, no revolution, but still progress, one hears from leftist circles. What a derision for us as accomplices and affected people, who see how global patriarchy defends and wants to secure its own position in capitalism with tooth and nail: feminicide, systematic murder of and attacks on queer people and sexual dissidents are the most extreme results. Instead of state appeals and more security, we want to get out of the victim role. As we said: we are brutal feminists and we take care of each other.
  • For us, neither Baerbock, Ricarda Lang, nor Luisa Neubauer or Katrin Henneberger are feminists. They are men who feminize patriarchal capitalism. Making it more cruel with their smiles. Where patriarchal capitalism previously used to leave the dull ache of the fist, today it leaves a masochistic feeling of satisfaction. They diligently collaborate in “Green Fascism,” whether willfully or unwittingly. They are representatives of their class. What was once commonly referred to as progressive civil society to be addressed is now the carrier of the capitalist future.
  • Wars are nothing new. What is new is that almost everyone has developed a taste for the military logic of victory and defeat. But after the great excitement of spring, cynicism has returned. Hardly anyone is interested in ending the war in Ukraine: From the rulers in Russia to Germany to the United States. This should be clear to anyone who can still spare a few brain twists. But even in the left there seem to be hardly those who still have the desire to think: The DKP (German Communist Party) has no interest, because otherwise it would have to wake up from its beautiful dream that the Soviet Union or the bloc confrontation of the pre-1990s, no longer exists. Parts of the radical left and the anarchist milieu need the war in Ukraine either to prepare their return to the bosom of the nation by demanding the delivery of weapons, or to dive once again into the rose-colored Corona world of absorbent cotton, in which it was clear what had to be done, who was bad and who was good, and in which one did not have to do anything, or was even called upon to do nothing. Instead, we think that supporting the companions and comrades in Ukraine, whether they have a weapon, food, or a medical kit in their hands, does not mean joining the imperial reordering of the world.
  • Due to the current situation, we have to express our solidarity with our fighting friends in Rojava, who have been fighting for a more just world since the beginning of time, abandoned by the whole world, and who once again have to go their way against Turkish imperialism and ISIS alone, despite all steadfastness. It may sound almost cynical, but your existence, your struggle, means a lot to us and inspires us. We will support you to the best of our ability; knowing that the best of our ability is not enough. This inspiration also explains why many young people around the world are joining you. With respect, we see these decisions as an expression of the power that lies in your ideas. At the same time, it is a painful reminder of the state of the radical left in Germany when young people who are eager to do something see more meaning and perspective in joining the armed struggle in another country instead of fighting in this country.
  • All the oh-so-strategic debates, in which the one is queen* or king who sees particularly many ambivalences, problems, challenges and pitfalls, who wins the bullshit bingo with “both …and”, in our opinion only testify to a perfected self-distraction from the actual problem: Everything is on the table, it comes down to accepting reality in its radicality and to take action.
  • This evil system must go. It is no longer about progress (whether bourgeois or communist), no longer about setting the course for a just future. It’s about stopping progress, about blowing up the tracks: To no longer participate in this system. Neither in revolutionary realpolitik, nor in being a rural commune hippie, nor in the majority grind. Because we live in times in which we fall asleep in the evening and the next morning somewhere in the world a government could be overthrown again. The fact that these uprisings have not yet become revolutions does not mean that they cannot still become revolutions, but it also means that they may never become revolutions. The point is to become aware of the global situation in our latitudes, to relate to the uprisings, not as riot porn, but as our instantaneous own, our own because of the global potential, theoretically and practically. The future is still unwritten.
  • Revolution is more necessary than ever before, that is why it is possible. And where it seems all the more distant, it is more necessary than ever before not to let go of it.
  • We no longer want choice, freedom, when it comes to the choices and freedom that this society offers us. The choices and the freedoms that are offered to us rot from the inside and imprison us.
  • We want to live communism and spread anarchy. A necessary but not yet sufficient condition to know where the journey will take us.

It is about organizing, about risking a new beginning. We are not so much concerned with the next organization, which strives for structure, responsiveness, mediation and other buzzwords from management, but rather with organizing the irreconcilability with the existing conditions in theory and practice, beyond old certainties. Because even if it is cold in the country, the fires of Amon Dîn blaze all over the world. We know that other people also think and act in this direction. That is why we are sure that sooner or later our paths will cross. We are a faction, maybe just a splinter, without a program and a flag, we are an imagination trying to materialize. Against all odds, even our own.

People and contexts from Wuppertal, Münster, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Bielefeld, Frankfurt


reproduced from Enough Is Enough,



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