Controlling the Message

A successful recording is a brilliant
contrivance but we are fumbling
badly and the bite of this fish can
cause serious damage. “Because it

was not, it did not,” she said. An
escape through a sewer and then
we’re all at sea. Are you shocked
by the level of violence? “We are

trying to control the message,” he
said. What are your political views?
Are we in a state of panic? You may
have a good gut instinct but it’s not

going to save you on this occasion.
“We need to be completely involved
in whatever game it is we’re playing
or we’re not doing it right,” she said.

Such reflected light gets completely
lost but from time to time an expand-
ing trio are becoming stars. Where do
these sentences come from? Can you

be in the same band twice? Perfect sound is
a chimera because sound itself is an illusion.



Steve Spence

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